A man armed with a knife is shot by Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies after they say he threatened to kill someone. The suspect survived and it happened in a neighborhood in the Mayfair district around 3 P.M. Friday.

Deputies were called to the area on Circle Court East near Norris Drive East. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting. Deputies say the suspect would not listen to orders.

He’s in stable condition now but officials won’t release his name at this time. Deputies say the man had a knife and was ready to kill.  

A Mayfair neighborhood filled with the presence of Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies after an officer involved shooting sent a man in his 30s to the hospital. Rick Gheno says he saw the suspect arguing with a man and woman outside a home on the 3400 block of Circle Court East and remembers the look in his eyes.

“Just in a rage of like ‘what are you looking at? I’m gonna kill you’ and it was that kill look. I just said ‘whoa!,'” said Gheno.

Deputies responded when a woman called 911, saying the suspect threatened to kill her while he waved a knife around. And he continued to do so with authorities.

“He appeared to be advancing in the direction of the deputies. They were ordering him again multiple times to put it down, to get back. He didn’t comply with what they were telling him to do,” said Tony Botti with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

Botti, a veteran deputy shot the man with his hand gun. Medics rushed the suspect to the hospital. Neighbors on edge after learning the news.

“Really shocking because, like I said I’ve lived here this long and it’s generally a really quiet and good neighborhood,” said Vannile Billingsley.

Over the last two days in the US, two female rookie police officers have been killed. Residents say they’re thankful for law enforcement now more than ever.

“We keep them in our prayers every day and hope they return home safely to their children and their family.” said Denise Colston.

None of the deputies involved in the shooting were injured.