Are your children watching 13 Reasons Why? Read this before they do.

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. - A new season of a new show causing is causing quite the controversy again. The teen drama 13 Reasons Why recently released it's 2nd season on Netflix and has people talking. 

The show sheds light on issues such as rape and suicide and since the second season has been released it's sent a shock wave online especially with parents.

We spoke with doctors, suicide prevention experts, and parents who all applaud the show's message but say there are things you need to watch out for and it's vital for parents to watch it first and talk about it with their children.

Sexual assault, drugs, alcohol abuse, other sexual violence, inter personal violence, suicide, depression, LGBTQ issues and coming out -- a string of heavy topics all depicted in the 2nd season Netflix's new 13 Reasons Why.

"I like what they're trying to do and i think they do a good job at reinforcing what issues should be attended to but one things needs to have balance to make sure things are aware of the issues make them seem like exist more than they do in real life," said Clinical Psycologe Doctor Dequincy Lezine.

Lezine also consults for the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health. He applauded the message of show but says the graphic images and drama behind each character can be harmful to viewers especially teens and anyone living with a mental illness.

"It can be traumatizing especially if someone has had an experience related to it people can experience their own trauma or just take something away from it that we don't want them to take away. It doesn't provide what the best way to handle something is," said Lezine.

For parents like Tiffany Bremer, the working mom of two said these difficult stories need to be told.

"It did exactly what it was intended to do it was a shock and awe it did that it shocked every body and people couldn't believe it happened," 

She has watched both seasons of the show and said it's a parents responsibility to sit down and talk to their children.

"It takes a village by having a knowledgeable village will be the only way to prevent this in teh future," said Bremer.

Dr. Lezine wrote a book called "13 Answers for the 13 Reasons Why" that answers any questions parents may have about the show and includes where you can find help 24-7. For more information on the book, click here.


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