Charges have been filed against the “no-kill” rescue, Laton Animal Rescue, for neglecting nearly 380 animals. They have been charged with seven felony counts of animal cruelty and neglect

The Central California SPCA says 383 animals were seized between December 2015 and March 2016  following a complaint made about a suspected neglect situation. The CCSPCA found the dogs, livestock, and horses at the rescue to be suffering from a variety of medical conditions and had lacked basic care.

The CCSPCA says seven dogs were found with a severe skin disease, five tested positive for sarcoptic mange, and two tested positive for demodectic mange. 82% of the dogs that were tested were positive for ehrlichia. A majority of the tested dogs were inflicted with one or more medical conditions. A necropsy on two deceased Zebu cattle determined the cause of death to be starvation.

The CCSPCA says many of the dogs were successfully treated and were able to find loving homes, but unfortunately a large number of them were humanely euthanized.