Ample rain and snow promise steady supply of water


It’s been quite a wet February in California.

18 trillion gallons of water fell in the state so far this month.  That would fill 27 million olympic-size swimming pools. Or California’s 12 largest reservoirs three times over.

As of February 18, Fresno’s rain total for the water year (October through September) is 7.65 inches. The average is 6.89 inches.

For J. Randall McFarland and the Kings River Water Association, that’s not even the most impressive part.

McFarland says, “It’s not the rain that’s most important to the water users. It’s the snow. And this has been a wonderful snow producer.”

Local Sierra snowpack is between 150% and 175% of average-to-date. It’s enough to fill reservoirs like Pine Flat and supply water to farms and communities this year and even some of next.

McFarland says, “On the Kings River we know we are going to have a good water run for our water users, farm users, throughout the million acres water from the Kings river. We know that because that snow and that water is already on the ground and is going to be there when we need it. The frozen reservoir will do a good job for us.”

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