Allergy season could last longer because of the early blossoms


Spring is right around the corner and with early blossoms comes allergies. 

Dr. A.M. Aminian with the allergy institute says valley residents are already feeling the impact. 

“We have the warm weather now and we have wet soil so we are going to be getting a lot of pollen in the air,” says Dr. Aminian. 

Dr. Aminian says allergy sufferers can react differently to the different types of pollen in the air. He says the symptoms vary person to person. 

“If you have a stuffy nose and get itchy eyes and if you sneeze then you need to think about allergies,” says Aminian. 

According to Dr. Aminian grass, pollen, dust, and tree blossoms can all trigger allergies. He recommends seeing a doctor when your symptoms start to flare up. 

“So, if someone is allergic to grass we can get that under control we can build up your tolerance,” says Dr. Aminian.

A good way to cut down on allergens is to shower frequently and wash your clothes regularly. 

“So, if it is a bad pollen day as soon as you get home change your clothing and take a shower,” says Dr. Aminian. 

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