All smiles at China Peak as snow consistently falls this season


Before the big game, many trekked up Highway 168 to get some runs in at China Peak Mountain Resort. The resort is saying this season is definitely making up for some slower years — but the new snow is requiring people to be more cautious on the slopes.

After this weekend’s storms brought several feet of snow to China Peak, Triston McCombs is beyond grateful.

“We’ve been able to get so much snow in the past month for the most part,” the Madera Ranchos resident said. “Been able to get enough snow to be able to come up often.”

The resort’s CEO and general manager Tim Cohee said 2019 has been called a recovery year for sure. By Sunday afternoon, the resort stocked up two-to-three feet of snow — with as much as 40 inches at the top.

A stark difference from 2018, where the dry winter caused early closures of the resort.

“As much as we can get creamed in a year like this…we can come back and make up [the 2018 season] pretty fast in 2019. A long ways to go, but so far we’re going to make up a lot of ground from last year,” Cohee said.

But with all this snow at once, it brings up some new precautions. On his runs, McCombs noticed the snow isn’t too packed in yet.

“When [snowboarders and skiers] get too deep, they can get stuck for a long, long time,” he said. “With no great cell service up here, it’s very hard to contact someone to be able to come help you out.”

Cohee has this advice for anyone hitting the slopes the next few days.

“You always have to make sure you have friends with you all the time. Never ever go out in deep snow by yourself,” he said.

The resort is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cohee hopes to keep things open until April.

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