Air pollution reduces local life span one year


If particulate pollution in Fresno were reduced to world health organization guidelines, our life expectancy would rise an entire year.

The Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago just released its comprehensive Air Quality Life Index, or AQLI:

The index converts air pollution concentrations into their impact on life expectancy, with results illustrated in a world-wide mapping tool.

Meeting the world health organization guideline would require cutting local particulate pollution in half.

Reducing such pollution is one purpose of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. 

Spokesperson Cassandra Melching says, “If you take a look at concentrations now to what they were 20 years ago there’s been a big significant drop in pollution levels and that’s thanks to valley businesses valley residents who have all done their part.”

The District’s RAAN tool provides real-time air quality readings for many Valley locations. It is available at

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