FRESNO, California (KGPE) – Talking with people face-to-face is an effective way to advocate for farmers in California: the message the president of the California Farm Bureau Federation brought to Fresno Rotary members on a visit to the city Monday.

As California’s cities grow, farmers make up a continually shrinking portion of the state’s population but meanwhile, California farming leads the world.

California Farm Bureau Federation President Jamie Johansson told Rotarians how important it is that everyone knows more about what’s going on in agriculture.

“While we are a farm organization, more and more our most important role is to be a rural interpreter for a growing urban population.”

Johansson says California’s agricultural farming success is rooted in diversity.

The California Farm Bureau Federation includes 53 bureaus with farmers growing some 400 different crops.  Johansson thinks all Californians should know where their food comes from.

“The challenge is a lot of times they want to tell us how to farm so we have to explain to them the method of farming and what we’re doing on the farm.”