After a False Alarm ‘Shots Fired’ Call, Fresno Family Challenges Police to Basketball Game


FRESNO, Calif. — A call for shots fired turned into a Thanksgiving basketball game. 

On Thursday night Fresno Police responded to what they thought was a shooting on the 6600 block of El Monte in Southeast. 

“We see 4 or 5 police cars swarm in here and we are like yo what is going on,” said Jerry Hall. 

Police said there was a shots fired call but it turned out to be a false alarm. Instead of letting the officers leave to the next call the parkers challenged them to a game.

“At first they were all like we don’t know, then someone came out of no where and said ‘You challenged us to a basketball game?’ Like it was no big deal,” said Hall. 

Then it was on.

“At first I was careful, I didn’t want to hurt the dudes on the job, you know what I mean,” said Caleb Martin. 

Then the Parker’s said the officers started earning some points.

“When the cops started applying pressure I said yo play for real!” said said Hall. 

The Parker’s took the game back, there is still some debate about the score though.

“They got about 2 shots but we will give them 5,” said Hall. 

The Parker’s said this has changed the way they think about law enforcement officers in their community.

 “They could have just not wanted to hear what we said and profiled and it could have been bad,” said Hall.

“Cops not all are bad, they have personalities and a lot of them don’t mind getting in the community,” said Martin. 

It turned out to be so much more than just a basketball game.

“It was a comfort.”

“Probably one of the best Thanksgivings we have had in a minute.” 

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