Accused Visalia Police Detective Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Charges


A Visalia Police detective has plead not guilty on Monday in court to dozens of felony charges, including creating fake police reports and conspiracy to commit a crime. Narcotics Detective Bryan Ferreira and narcotics detective Shane Logan were both arrested on Friday.

Kings County Superior Court Judge James LaPorte lowered Ferreira’s bail from nearly $600,000 to $100,000, so he was able to pay it. Both defendants have posted bail.

During Ferreira’s arraignment, he was dressed in a stripped jumpsuit and handcuffs – a stark difference from his police uniform.

“He’s very sad, he’s depressed, he’s mortified. It was very humbling for him to actually see all the support he had in court this morning,” stated Roger Wilson, Ferreira’s defense attorney.

Ferreira plead not guilty to the 38 felonies and five misdemeanors against him. Judge LaPorte has been appointed to the case, because Tulare County Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos said, all Tulare County judges have recused themselves.

“Which is a way of saying that they don’t feel that they can hear the case… they could be witnesses, they could have some sort of connection, some of the judges may have signed warrants,” Alavezos said.

The judge lowered Ferreira’s bail on three conditions.

Alavezos explained, “He [Ferreira] has been ordered to turn in any firearms, and that has to be done before he is released. He also has been ordered not to have any contact with his former C.I.’s (confidential informants), and he’s also been ordered not have to have contact with his co-defendant.”

At a press conference on Friday, Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward said approximately 40 cases worked on by the two detectives would have to be tossed out.

But, Wilson said the truth will come out on this case.

“Based on what I know about my client, what he’s told me about the case, and what I’ve learned just from other people in the department, I think the case will play out in a way that will be beneficial to my client,” ended Wilson.

Logan has been charged with 22 felonies. He is expected to appear in court on December 12.

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