A Very Rainy World Ag Expo


Today was the last day of the World Ag Expo and this year saw more rain than in years past. 

However, the rainy weather did not stop people from coming out. Many people came prepared by wearing rain boots and rain coats. 

Carla Khal is the 2019 Show Chairman for the World Ag Expo. She says although it was rainy they still had a great turn out. 

“Well our traditional attendance is around one hundred thousand and even with the rain we don’t expect it to be off that much,” says Khal. “So, we expect it to be a good year again.”

Early in the morning Tulare saw large amounts of rain which flooded the streets where the expo was held. 

Eric Belleville was at the expo early in the morning and said the rain came out of nowhere. 

“I had to scramble to take cover near one of the parking lot edges and waited that out a little bit,” says Belleville. “But, I figured I was going to get wet anyway so I should head into the farm show.”

Belleville says this morning there was not a lot of people at the expo. He thinks the rain might have played a part in that. 

“I’m sure there were people who might have taken a look outside and probably said I will wait it out a bit,” says Belleville. “So, it probably definitely deterred the morning crowd.”

However vendors at the expo say the rain is always welcomed. 

Peter Freeman is a vendor at the expo and has been for many years. He said although this year was rainy sales were good.

“It’s fairly windy and rainy today and there is still a lot of people coming through,” says Freeman. “So, we have been busy in the booth and it has been a really good show.”

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