A state proposed bill would eliminate speed limits for certain lanes on I-5 and Highway 99


A proposed state bill is making its way through the state capital, it would do away with speed limits on Interstate 5 and Highway 99. 

State Senator John Moorlach wrote SB 319, it would require Cal-Trans to build two additional traffic lanes, with now maximum speed limit.  
The other lanes of traffic would still ban drivers from going more than 65 miles per hour. 

“Let the people that want to speed, speed. Let the people that want to take their time get into the lanes that they can go slower,” Debi Hernandez said. 

Hernandez said other countries like Germany have the autobahn, which works for them. 

” It would sure help with the high speed rail, we wouldn’t have to deal with all of the cost of that so people can get to where they want to go up and down the San Joaquin Valley,” she said. 

For others, they think drivers in California can’t handle a no speed limit highway lane. 

“It will cause more accidents. I mean that is why we have speed limits to avoid accidents,” Ned Mallory said. 

This is still a proposed bill which will need a signature from Governor Gavin Newsom for it to become law. 

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