SANGER, California (KSEE) – On his last project before reaching Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts, Wyatt Bryson chose to do something patriotic.

“So, giving a box to the community where they can just put the flags in and they can easily get retired, respectfully they can help people not accidentally throw away or disrespect the flag,” said Wyatt Bryson from Scout Troop 130.

Bryson chose to donate the flag-drop off box in the town of Sanger, where it now sits in front of American Legion Post 23 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7168.

“We are very proud to be the reciprocant of this flag retirement box here to the citizens of Sanger to retire the American flags in an honorable fashion and this is the only one in town,” said Commander Clint Vance of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7168 in Sanger.

The box sits shiny and new, valued at an estimated $2,000. It was paid for by donations, fundraising and months of work put in to make it all possible. Bryson says it’s all in good fun.

“To really understand scouting and understand the weight of the Eagle – a lot of people that rush through it kind of skip over a lot of the fun parts and just work and you got to have some fun and you gotta enjoy the camaraderie with the boys and girls now.”

That same camaraderie should flow through what it means to retire a flag — especially in these trying times.

“We should take the time to honor our flag in an honorable situation.  It honors not only our veterans, it honors our brothers and sisters in the military, past and present, but it also honors the American citizens,” said Commander Vance.

The retired flags will eventually be burned in a dignified ceremony.