FRESNO, California (KSEE) – Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer’s Beautify Fresno initiative has scheduled cleanups in every part of Fresno. Monday was southwest Fresno’s turn.

Dozens of volunteers showed up with the main reason to improve Fresno, but also recognized other reasons to give back to the community.

“Well, it’s good to get out and get a little walking exercise, it’s not bad and it’s a lot of good folks that’s volunteering and it’s really good to just get out,” said Bill Saul.

“We met the mayor last week so that was fun and the other council people to get to know who’s representing us locally and government as well – seeing what they do to help out,” said Sheila & Jude Luna.

“Pick up trash because if Fresno’s gonna be a dirty place, it’s gonna run down and less people are going to be living here,” said Mia & Alexus Sandoval.

Fresno City Council Member Miguel Arias said it’s also good opportunity to help local businesses.

“It’s one of the multiple cleanings taking place across the city…bring your kids and visit the small businesses after we’re done cleaning up.”

The goal is to bring a new sense of pride and responsibility to the community.

“If somebody is taking care of it, then other people will start feeling, you know what, I need to have a sense of pride in my city because I know that there’s something different that’s happening,” said Mark Standriff, the Director of Beautify Fresno for the City of Fresno.

Centro La Familia Advocacy Services and Olympic Property Services also partnered in Monday’s cleanup.