A California mayor rolls out a new ordinance that has gun store owners outraged


Fresno, CA –  The next time you purchase a gun in San Jose, you may be recorded on camera.

The mayor in that city, Sam Liccardo is trying to pass a city ordinance to keep guns from getting into the wrong hands.

“It’s a draconian burden to put on gun dealers, it’s ridiculous.”

The Firing Line gun store owner Jacob Belemjian hopes to never hear about a city ordniance the San Jose mayor is trying to roll out. Sam Liccardo wants to combat gun violence in their city with a new gun law. It includes requiring gun stores to capture video and audio of all gun and ammo transactions. Demanding stores take continuous stock of their inventory and more training for employees.

“They want to pass laws so they can get their name on the news and so they can go back to their crazy constituents and say look what we did.”

Belemjian shares the sentiment of many gun store owners across the state but the San Jose mayor this new ordninance can curb the underground world of straw purchasing. It’s when someone buys the gun legally but then turns it over to others without background checks.

“A significant percentage of guns are entering our community from legal gun shops and from regulated retail outlets.” sais San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo.

“People who come into gun stores to buy guns are not criminals and if they are then it gets flushed out in the background check process.” says Belemjian.

California is known for having the strictest gun laws in the country and Belemjian says this whole thing is just a political stunt.

“It’s feigned outrage in the interest of political advancement.”

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