After a 24 hour book drive and collecting more than 280,000 books, the work for 9-year-old Danay Ferguson still isn’t over.

Little Danay tried to break the record for most books collected in a day.

She collected the books now it has to be confirmed by the Guinness book of world records.
In order to set a world record, there has to be proof.

And Paul Libaridian has got it he recorded 4 terabyte worth of video of the book drive.

“Downloading it will take 4-5 hours then converting the video will take another day or two,” Paul Libaridian, HPL Sound And Security.

The video is one of many requirements Danay has to turn in to the Guinness Book of Wold Records.

“We had to have counting done hour by hour,” said Dwayne Ferguson, Danay’s father.

Guinness required two witnesses be present for the counting of the 280,110 donated books.

“they were doing roughly 10,000 books per hour. We have a whole stack of witness statements saying they physically witnessed these books being counted by the hour on the hour,” said Ferguson.

Reading Heart also had to hire to a photographer who took 5,000 pictures.

They had to create a Guinness Book of World Record’s packet.

It says the recorded video must show someone officially starting and stopping the 24 hour event.

“And so Danay wanted to use her bull horn to do that,” said Ferguson.

Reading Heart’s account with Guinness shows it’s pending, her dad Dwayne says they plan on turning in all of the documentation at the end of the week.

He and his daughter thank the public for their help.

“It was so massive to get this done so it wouldn’t be a reading heart accomplishment itself it would be the city along with Reading Heart,” said Ferguson.

The record they had to beat was 275,000 books donated in a 24 hour period.

Guinness says once they send in the record breaking evidence it will take 12 weeks to process.