8-year-old boy is the latest victim of a suspected DUI driver


Another family joins the mourning Sunday night with another life lost in a tragic accident. California Highway Patrol reported an 8-year-old boy lost his life because of injuries sustained in an accident, involving a suspected DUI driver.

That driver has been arrested and identified as Karmjit Singh, 35, of Visalia. In a press release, CHP said Singh ran a stop sign on Bethel Avenue at a speed near 100 mph. Singh then collided with a car driving on Rose Avenue, which doesn’t have a stop sign.

Singh was driving on a suspended license due to a 2016 DUI conviction.

In the other car were Scott Martzen, 33, Megan Martzen, 29, and their 8-year-old son. All were taken to a Selma-area hospital, with the child being airlifted to Valley Children’s Hospital after a pulse was located.

Unfortunately, the child eventually succumbed to his injuries. His parents, at this time, are still said to have major injuries, including broken bones.

Next to the fallen street sign, a candle lights the corner of the intersection of Rose and Bethel avenues. It’s a nod by neighbors that they, too, are grieving about what happened.

This is the second deadly suspected DUI accident to happen in Fresno County in recent days. Ram Bhatia, 70, was killed on his daily walk in north Fresno on Thursday. Matthew Chenot, 25, has been arrested and charged in his death.

Ram Bhatia’s son, Mitin Bhatia, said it’s all just inexcusable.

“It’s senseless. There are so many options these days to do Uber, Lyft,” he said. “Why would you make such a bad decision? It not only affected him, my dad did not come home.”

As candles continue to be lit fo rth elost, Mitin Bhatia adds he hopes drivers in the area get their act together.

“We cannot afford one more father not coming home, not coming to their loved ones,” he said.

For all of Singh’s charges — which include a number of DUI-related felonies — his bail is set at more than $200,000.

CHP is continuing to investigate the crash that killed Scott and Megan Martzen’s son.

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