A video depicting a woman getting hit by a car has gone viral over the weekend. Fortunately, the victim is able to walk away with her life. However, there’s been a disturbing trend of many turning deadly this year. Police say the worst part is it’s all preventable.

The surveillance cameras outside on Most Wanted Tattoo and Body Piercings’ building were the only witnesses to see the vehicle versus pedestrian accident Saturday. Joe McPherson, who’s lived in Fresno for 40 years, said it’s the latest example of why he does his best to avoid Blackstone Avenue and other busy roads in Fresno.

“People crossing the traffic, everybody’s in a hurry and it’s a lot of chaos,” said McPherson.

Police are quick to say the victim in this case is very lucky to survive this accident. So far this year, there have been 21 pedestrian deaths, according to police numbers. It accounts for 64 percent of the city’s total deadly collisions.

“We have a lot of vehicles versus peds throughout our city weekly,” Lt. Larry Bowlan said. “One thing I would state, if you do have an opportunity and there is a crosswalk in the area, please utilize it.”

However, even if you use a proper crosswalk, police say pedestrians still need to be aware because reckless drivers won’t be.

“Pay attention to your surroundings because many times these vehicles are not seeing pedestrians, especially when they’re wearing darker clothing,” Bowland said.

Police say substance abuse and mental illness are common factors in many deadly vehicle versus pedestrian cases.