5-year-old home and recovering, after he was shot in the head


A small shaved patch on Brandon “Chino” Estrada’s head, the only sign of trauma, after a bullet went through the front living room wall of the rural Hanford home, striking Chino, last Tuesday.

“He just fell on top of my other brother,” Brandon’s sister Ana Estrada said.

Bullet holes in the walls, covered by duct tape.

The wall blunted the impact of the bullet.

Estrada rushed Chino to the hospital, where he went into surgery for broken bones in his skull.

Monday, sleepy and a little shy, but when asked how he’s feeling, he said he was, “great.”

“He’s still the same little boy, he remembers everything, you know,” Estrada said. “A little troublemaker, still.”

The family saying, they’ve had problems in the past with suspect Rowdy Paulo.

The Kings County Sheriff’s Office confirming Paulo is still in custody and facing several charges, including attempted homicide.

The family hopes to move forward, but says, that could be hard.

“They thought like, home is the safest place, but now home is not even the safest place, like where is the safest place,” Estrada said.

Estrada, thankful, for all who’ve helped their Chino.

“Thank God the people that prayed for us and prayed for him,” Estrada said. “Because he came out good.”

The family does have to go back to Valley Children’s Hospital for a follow up appointment Tuesday.

The family made a GoFundMe account to help with the traveling expenses: https://www.gofundme.com/f/5-year-old?rcid=r01-156349290513-f4c7e8425eb74c1b&pc=sm_co_shareflow_m

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