45-year-old Fresno woman's quinceañera goes viral

30 years later, Lorena Navarro's dream has come true.

FRESNO, Calif. - it was 30 years later than expected but a Fresno woman's dream has finally come true. That's how long it took for Lorena Navarro to finally have her quinceañera. She made it happen and now photos of her celebration have gone viral.

It's simple math. 15 times three equals 45. That's how old Lorena Navarro turned this year. When she turned 15, her dream quinceañera ws out of the question. A party she's planned all her life and a day of special memories worth waiting for.

Many young girls imagine their wedding day. But in Hispanic culture, another celebration holds so much meaning. The quinceañera, a symbol of transition from childhood into womanhood. Lorena Navarro says her parents couldn't afford a quinceañera but she always had hope.

"Maybe there might be a possibility but I knew I wasn't gonna get one," said Lorena.

She didn't. But how about a quinceañera at 30? Lorena wanted to but she was pregnant and on bed rest. 15 years later, she says nothing was stopping the party. Lorena's family didn't believe her.

"They thought it was a joke. They would laugh and some people would say 'really?'," said Lorena.

At 45 years old, Lorena put on the perfect, pink dress. She picked her best friend, two sisters and cousin to be her "damas" or special guests. Her husband and two boys completed the court of honor, followed by a heartwarming moment with her oldest son Saul.

"And I saw him come out with his guitar and I said 'oh'," said Lorena.

"I see you cry, sitting in that chair and I know they're happy tears but it still hurts me because I love you," said Saul Ramirez.

Lyrics written with love, just for mom. Now photos of the "Cuarenta y Cincoeanera", retweeted 18,000 times with nearly 98,000 likes.

"So as my mom's getting a 100,000 different hearts, a thousand different hearts are being thrown at her," said Ramirez.

Lorena says she'll never forget dancing with her husband to Ed Sheeran or the father-daughter dance she dreamed about for decades.

"And I was so happy. It was an awesome day for me," said Lorena.

As for the positive vibes she's received through social media, here's Lorena's reply.

"If you have something that is embedded in your heart, in your soul, in your mind, and you wanna do it, go for it. Because life is short and just enjoy it. That's really what life is about," said Lorena.

Ramirez says People Magazine wants to share his mother's story as well.

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