32-year-old man dies in hit and run crash, woman and three kids taken to hospital

Family of the man says he is Raymond Romero Jr. of Corcoran

HANFORD, Calif. - The family of the man killed in a hit and run crash says the victim is 32-year-old Raymond Romero Jr. They say Romero was driving his family back from Corcoran and just four stoplights away from his Hanford home when the collision happened. Romero's family says his girlfriend, two kids and younger cousin were in the car with him. All three children are under 10 years old.

Hanford Police say a dark SUV hit Romero's white Chevy Impala near Hume and 11th Avenues. Police say the Impala went North on 11th while the SUV drove east on Hume. The woman and children were flown to area hospitals but the man was pronounced dead. The suspect's vehicle was towed away as evidence. We are waiting for an update on whether or not the suspects have been arrested.

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