In 2017, Dr. Tom Catena was the recipient of the “Aurora Prize For Awakening Humanity.”
We were there when he received the honor and the one million dollar prize at a special ceremony in Yerevan, Armenia.

Now, two years later, Dr. Catena is serving as the Aurora Prize Initiative Chair. Traveling the world to share the important life saving work this humanitarian effort provides and raise funds to sustain it.

“Try to get people engaged. People want to help do something. This is one way you can get involved in humanitarian work, ” say Dr. Catena.

Dr. Catena spent the day in Fresno. He toured the Saroyan House Museum, and spoke about how the prize he received two years ago impacted his work in Sudan where he typically treats up to 400 patients a day. “It allowed us to keep going and we’re taking care of 100 TO 120,000 people in a year doing a thousand operations and 7,000, so it’s a pretty big operation. So this was a huge boost to us financially.. Very direct impact, ” he says.

The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity was founded by three descendants of Armenian Genocide survivors. Humanitarian acts saved their families, so they established the one million dollar prize to award those who selflessly work worldwide to help others.

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