2 Sikh Men Attacked in Separate Incidents Leaving the Fresno Community Feeling Alarmed

2 Sikh Men Attacked in Separate Incidents Leaving the Fresno Community Feeling A

FRESNO, Calif. -- Two Sikh Men have been attacked in the last couple of weeks. 

One happened in Manteca, the other in Turlock. In both, the men were pounced on and attacked.

"Really sad and unfortunate that Sikhs are being attacked like this," said Ike Grewal, Spokesperson for the Central Valley Sikh community is responding to another attack on a Sikh community member. 

Home security video in Manteca shows an elderly Sikh man is on his daily walk. When two teens approach him, one teen kicks the man down. He tries to get up but the teen kicks again and spits on him.

"What went through my heart at that time is 'why are you picking on someone so helpless?'"

Another attack in Turlock on July 31st is also pushing the community over the edge..

"They threw sand in my eyes," said Surjit Mahli, victim of attack. 

Surjit Malhi was putting up gop campaign signs when attackers pounced and started hitting him. They also tagged his truck with swastikas  and messages saying "go back to your country," said Mahli. 

"I'm an American that's for sure," said Mahli.

Ike Grewal says people label Sikhs as terrorists because of the turban they wear.

Last summer, the community created the 'We Are Sikhs' campaign with the goal to show that Sikh and American values are the same. 

"Sikhs are a part of this great country and they are citizens," said Grewal.  

But sadly, the attacks continue leaving the Sikh community on edge, once again.

"We have children telling their elderly parents not to go out on walks alone," said Grewal. 

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