FRESNO, Calif. —  Two rotweillers have been euthanized after they mauled and killed a 1 year old boy.

 It happened around 11 a.m. on Friday morning in the 5900 block of East Kaviland in Fresno.

“It is really shocking, this neighborhood is really quiet all the time,” said one neighbor. 

Neighbors responded after learning 2 rotweillers attacked and killed a 1 year old after they had escaped their own backyard. 

Police said the one year old had gotten out of the home and was in his front yard by himself when it happened.

Police said his grandma tried to intervene, she was bitten, but then the grandfather stepped in and stopped the attack.

Police said the young boy was pronounced dead at the hospital. Soon after police found the dogs and they said  the owners relinquished their ownership.

The SPCA said according to their records, the dogs didn’t have a violent history. They were euthanized.

“I feel bad about that because if their owners would be responsible and always look at them, because i feel like animals are like children,” said Eva Granados, neighbor. 
Legal analyst David Mugridge said every the dog owner has an obligation to prevent their dogs from getting out.

From a legal standpoint he said the penalty may not be high in this situation.

“I had the dogs gotten out but the child not been out there unsupervised the child might not have been attacked and it doesn’t make the culpability of the dog owner as great,” said David Mugridge, Legal Analyst. 

He said the charges could come down as involuntary manslaughter, including prison time and a ten thousand dollar fine if the dog owners are found to be at fault. 

“This is a lose lose situation. I am sure the dog owners feel horrible about what happened and the parents of the child feel horrible,” said David Mugridge, legal analyst. 

Police said no charges have been filed at this time.

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