1930s Building gets new life in downtown Fresno

Retail and restaurants destined for the Peerless Building in Mural District

Fresno, California - The Peerless Building, originally owned by the Peerless Pump Company, is rooted in Fresno's inventive spirit. The company's pumps have been used for nearly 90 years across the Valley's agricultural operations as well as in many buildings downtown and beyond.

With a vision for commercial, industrial and retail operations, the building has been completely renovated both inside and out. Original artifacts including manufacturing equipment, windows, and more have remained intact as a nod to the past, while aiming to inspire the future. What was once a manufacturing facility is now a mixed-use space for modern day creators.

"We are providing a place where creative entrepreneurs can thrive. We found the right space, and then combined stimulating elements like brick, concrete, wood, and natural light to inspire and fuel innovation," says the Peerless Building's visionary, Nader Assemi. "Our job as the developer was to create the venue, but the tenants will ultimately make it what it is."

The first of those tenants are the aforementioned Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering and the company's product incubator The Pi Shop, occupying 11,000 square feet and anchoring both the space itself and the spirit of the project. As Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering CEO Mark Jackson says, "My endeavors have always thrived in an environment filled with creativity and innovation.  Because of the inspired creative movement that has been smoldering in downtown Fresno, I was excited about the possibility of expanding my team's efforts to the Peerless Building."

Assemi says the plan is to bring retail stores and restaurants to the newly opened space by sometime in 2019.

"These last few years we've really got a lot of momentum mostly because I think there's a new generation of entrepreneur that's taking a risk downtown," said Assemi.  

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