MedWatch Today: Stepping in the shoes of a nurse for one day

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If you could walk in a nurse’s shoes for just one day, you would quickly find they are compassionate, hard working caregivers. But, some of the hats they wear might surprise you.

Setting up for surgery at Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital takes a tremendous amount of time.

Registered nurse David Barakzai said an hour before a patient goes into the operating room, he’ll set up the sterile field, equipment, and supplies for the surgeon.

“Once we get the patient into the room, then we have to start lines and make sure that they’re positioned correctly. And during the surgery, we obviously, we’re gonna be doing a lot of documentation, making sure that the sterile field has everything that they need and that the surgeon has what they need to make sure that they can provide the best care for the patient,” said Barakzai.

Barakzai said he’s been trained in multiple facets of patient care.

He stated, “One thing that I do bring to the table is being well rounded, like that I feel like I can kinda step into any situation and help out wherever’s needed.”

The most satisfaction Barakzai gets out of being a nurse is working directly with patients and their families. The surgeries patients get at Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital are often the most serious operations they’ll receive their whole lives.

“You might see them a few weeks down the road or a few days after the surgery, and they’re so appreciative of that, and that alone is just so rewarding,” Barakzai said.

Bringing patients joy is registered nurse Sharry Johnson’s ultimate goal every day.

Johnson commented, “Overall, I want the patient to be happy. So, a lot of times, you have to go to the patient and see what they need, what they want, and if you can help them in anyway you can, you try to fulfill that.”

Not only is Johnson a registered nurse, she is also the house supervisor at Community Regional Medical Center.

“That entails housekeeping, command center, which is bed control, just everything about a patient, talking to a physician, relaying information, make sure a patient is first, safe, and getting the right treatment the first time,” said Johnson.

She works the night shift, one of the busiest times in the emergency room.

Johnson stated, “Working with different people, helping people, lending a helping hand whenever I can.”

Since 1990, Johnson has devoted herself to the nursing profession.

“Well, I always was a compassionate empathetic person, and I always had a caring attitude, and I always wanted to be somebody that helped somebody else get through things,” said Johnson.

Nursing is a rewarding career that registered nurse Jeffrey Zweifel has had for 30 years at Clovis Community Medical Centers.

Zweifel said, “It’s my job to move obstacles out of the way so that our staff at Community can provide the very best care that anybody could possibly expect to receive.”

Zweifel is manager of the medical surgical unit, so not only does he get to work directly with patients, but he helps to ensure the nursing staff is also taken care of.

“I think as far as influencing the staff, I think work ethic and portraying that to our staff and showing that when  I’m on the floor, so that we all understand we’re all accountable to the same standard, that is I think a way to really be influential within your department,” stated Zweifel.

It’s crucial to Zweifel, that there is a positive environment in the hospital, because that essentially makes for the best patient care.

He said, “It’s really important that, that personal touch is a part of the experience along with the quality here at Community.”

If you’ve experienced the power of nursing, you likely won’t forget it. The wisdom, skill and dedication that nurses show every day, sets them apart as very special people.

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