MedWatch Today: Lasik Surgery is Among the Safest of Surgeries

Med Watch Today

FRESNO, California (KSEE/KGPE) – Lasik eye surgery, early in life can create a lifetime of benefits and even protect your vision in the long run. Lasik surgeon Frank Bishop from Eye-Q vision care explains how it works.

“Lasik surgery is surgery in which we use lasers to reshape the surface of the eye to optimize the eyes ability to focus light and the goal is to take away glasses. For young patients, it’s for taking away glasses for distance and near, the older we get, patients have to choose between being long distance and having reading glasses or other options like mono-vision where they have one eye set for distance and one eye set for near.”

Eye-Q vision care prides itself on bringing the latest technologies to their patients in the Central Valley.

“We have the latest generation of Lasik platforms, basically both the flap creating laser–so we do all Lasik surgery laser here….Additionally the laser is the fastest spot for them on the market. So basically, by the time you’re worried whether or not things are going well–it’s over, so the surgery is very quick, very effective. And the same is true for the second laser that reshapes the eye. So the fastest, the safest profile, or the safest platform on the market and Eye-Q is really happy to bring that to the Central Valley.”

The in and out procedure takes about 20 minutes and Dr. Bishop says a common misconception is that Lasik surgery is a short-term solution.

“For a patient who has a stable eye prescription–and stable for more than a year and a good candidate for surgery they should have a good result that will last them more than 20 years. I’m a perfect example, I had early generation–refractive surgery not Lasik, but PRK where there’s no flat made. And even though I had an old laser and first generation technology, I’m still seeing great–better than 20/20 here at the age of 50.”

And studies on the surgery prove it’s not only effective, but complications with the procedure and its results are extremely rare.

“Lasik surgery is probably one of the safest surgeries that’s ever been developed. It’s been looked at in hundreds of studies to evaluate the effectiveness and the safety profile. And every study shows that it’s an excellent surgery that produces good results. Every surgery has risks–with Lasik surgery include dry eye, glare, halos, some ghost images, the vast majority of patients have those symptoms go away within a few months of their surgery and can expect to see well, as I said, for years to come.”

Dr. Bishop gained rigorous training during his time in the navy and performed Lasik surgeries on more than 15 thousand patients–among them were the nation’s very best — who need to be at their very best.

“So we’re taking the very pointy edge of the spear–the pilots, the navy seals, the green berets, the rangers, our Air Force pilots and everybody that works with them and we’re taking them and providing them Lasik surgery or PRK — photo refractive keratectomy, which is another version of refractive surgery –and we’re doing that because we feel very confident that it’s going to give patients great results. It’s going to make them more able to do the things they need to do in service for our country and safer in doing so. So, they don’t have to worry about finding their glasses during the middle of a fire fight or losing a contact lens when deployed to the desert. So, my experience in the Navy gives me a greater sense of confidence that what we are doing is the right thing for patients.”

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