MedWatch Today: Hip Replacement Surgery Advances in the Central Valley

Med Watch Today

Arthritis in the hips can be extremely painful and limit one’s ability to move and live the life they want. As one man shares his story of getting hip replacement surgery, he wants people to know, they don’t need to endure their suffering. There is excellent state of the art care right in our backyard – here in the Central Valley.

One step at a time, J.R. Jackson is getting closer to recovery. For years he put up with gnawing pain in his hip.

“I lived in a home where there were stairs and that starting being a problem. And then frankly, you start to not be able to put a shoe on, not be able to put a sock on, not being able to really touch your toes. And again you’re like, ‘This is serious’,” said J.R.

Earlier this year, J.R. decided he’d had enough. He was referred to see Dr. Deniz Baysal, Orthopaedic Surgeon at University Orthopaedic Associates in Clovis. An x-ray was ordered.

J.R. commented, “It was just amazing when they showed me my good hip and my bad hip. The cushion, or the labrum if you will, had deteriorated to the point where it was bone on bone.”

Dr. Baysal explains there was missing cartilage in J.R.’s right hip.

He stated, “What happens is, the ball and socket joint basically stops working, stops moving and causes excruciating pain to the point where these people can’t even do daily activities.”

It was decided, J.R. would have hip replacement surgery.

“So what we do is, we go in and we basically cut out the ball and give them a new ball and we also redo the socket and put in an artificial socket and it gives them new life and new movement for a long time… we do state of the art type of techniques and approaches to preserve the muscle and the function of the hips so people can get as soon as possible to their activities,” the doctor continued.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Dr. Baysal said they expedited outpatient surgery services to their patients to preserve space at hospitals for ICU patients. Many like J.R. are able to get their hip replacement surgeries done and go home within the same day. J.R. said he was grateful for the COVID-19 protocols on Clovis Community Medical Center’s campus.

J.R. added, “They’ve got the COVID section just totally unique and then the ‘regular’ if you will, surgeries like mine or whatever; it’s totally separate and they kept it so separate they have special trailers where you check in they do testing… it’s just amazing how they keep it separate and it’s totally, totally unique and it’s a very simple system and it made me feel really secure.”

J.R. said he’s also thankful he was able to get this procedure done locally.

Dr. Baysal stated, “A lot of people think that they have to go out of town to Stanford or L.A. to receive this state of the art surgery when in fact we have surgeons here including myself and my partners that are fellowship trained and board certified in several different facets of orthopedic surgery.”

It helped J.R. didn’t have to travel far, so he can get straight to focusing on healing. He attends physical therapy twice a week – with the goal of getting back to living an active life.

“Now we’re starting to do, okay, let’s work on some mobility, let’s start to go on the stairs and you start to go up and you’re gonna go on your first stair and you’re scared to death and you’re like ‘Oh wow, that didn’t hurt’,” J.R. Said.

Both J.R. and Dr. Baysal recommend those who have hip pain see a doctor right away.

J.R. ended, “Don’t put up with it. At least get a medical opinion because you’re just making it worse or you’re masking it or you’re taking away from your mobility which you can get back.”

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