MedWatch Today: Healthcare Hero, Debby Dailey

Med Watch Today

Volunteers at the American Red Cross help survivors in their time in need, whether it’s a tragic event or a natural disaster. Our healthcare hero this week is a woman who has dedicated nearly four decades of service to the Red Cross, and she passes her nursing skills to up and coming nurses within Clovis Community Medical Center.

Debby Dailey is a Red Cross volunteer who responds to home fire crisises. She advocates for all families to have fire alarms in their homes, as she is also a former firefighter. She’s been a volunteer for the non-profit organization for about 40 years. Debby is also a registered nurse. She teaches clinical courses at Fresno City College. She said her goal is to ensure the new nurses understand the importance of helping patients during very traumatic times.

“I appreciate it, it’s what I do, I love to do it, and I love to see the successes. When we get those people, because we see them here facing the worst time in their life and I know what it looks like to be at the top of the mountain, and know that they can get through it, so it’s just that encouragement to keep bumping them up there, and to see them blossom after an event like that, it’s so good,” said Debby.

Debby has helped countless victims during many emergencies, including Hurricane Isaac, Super Storm Sandy, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

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