Before COVID-19 hit, only 24-percent of Fresno County residents were able to put food on their tables consistently. Since the pandemic, the problem has gotten worse. Both Community Medical Centers and the Central Calfornia Food Bank recognized the need in the community and recently teamed up for a special project to feed those who are unable to leave their homes. This week, we’re honoring the Food Bank for their generosity.

Since the Coronavirus crisis hit, many patients have been unable to leave their homes to get meals and other goods. So, bringing meals donated by the Food Bank was just another way that Community’s team of home health nurses could help their patients throughout this crisis.

Kym Dildine is the Co-CEO of the Food Bank. She stated, “This is a great partnership where we leverage our strengths. Central California Food Bank comes with the food and the nurses who are already going into their home who have trust and are safe know exactly who’s food insecure… We believe that a healthy community is better for everyone and so Central California Food Bank is excited.”

Katie Zenovich is the Senior VP of Development & External Affairs at Community Medical Centers. She said, “What this does is it makes sure that they are nourished, they have groceries. We want them to be healthy and well and the one way to do that is to provide good food for them and that’s where the food bank stepped up and helped us out.”

Every day, ten to 30 Food Bank volunteers load up the boxes that will be given to home health nurses to go out to patients in need. So far, more than 1,200 boxes have been given to Community’s patients across the Valley.