MedWatch Today: Anti-vaxxer Twins Get Hospitalized at Same Time from COVID-19

Med Watch Today

A pair of twin brothers have a stark warning for everyone. They were recently hospitalized with COVID-19, and weren’t vaccinated. Today they wish they could turn back time. The Harrell twins share their story of regret, and their road to recovery.

It’s been 30 days since identical twin brothers Shane and Sean harrell have seen each other in person. They were finally reunited on their birthday. But the men share more than just a birthday. They share a business, a hospital stay, and a positive COVID-19 test result.

Sean said, “You know what’s crazy is, we’re twins. Our genes are identical, and he (Shane) was sick for six days and breathing problems, and it knocked me down for a month.”

Sean said he started feeling sick after a trip to Las Vegas with his wife.

“I get on the tool truck, and I let out this cough, and my brother is like, ‘Woah! What was that? That was a COVID cough if I ever heard one.’ And I’m like, ‘What? Whatever,’ and I went about my day,” stated Sean.

The father of three later got a call from his wife saying she didn’t feel well either.

He added, “Turns out I did have COVID, and I transferred it to my brother.”

Sean was admitted to Community Regional Medical Center when his oxygen levels got so low it was hard to breathe. He was rushed to the intensive care unit.

“I had a mini stroke, and so it caused numbness in my arm. I lost sensation, so I’m basically regaining strength in my right hand,” Sean explained.

His twin soon followed, with Shane being admitted to Community Regional four days later. Both men were unvaccinated.

“I didn’t get hit as hard as him. I was in the hospital for six days, but it was a miserable six days. You got everything plugged into you, and taped to you,” shared Shane.

Shane’s wife caught the virus too, but he says she was vaccinated and only had a cough.

He continued, “You know, a lot of people are like, ‘Oh, it’s no big deal, it’s just a cold. I had a cough’. Well that’s fine, that was you. But there’s other people that wish they had a cough. They died.”

“I was an antivaxxer. I’m not getting this shot, I don’t know what’s in it. I’m not putting something in my body that I don’t know what’s in it. Going through what I went through, I’ve been in the hospital for 30 days. I wish I would’ve gotten the vaccine,” admitted Sean.

The brothers are still recuperating at home.

Sean said, “I had to get five blood transfusions. Basically, I have to learn how to walk again. I have numbness in my arm, I have to learn how to use my arm again… all because I didn’t get this vaccine.”

Shane added, “You know, just a little bit of strenuous activity, I’m winded and I have to sit down… my lungs are completely just beat up right now.”

Today, they celebrate life, and reflect back to all they’ve been through in the last month.

“The hardest part of this whole ordeal was seeing my brother intubated with every tube going everywhere possible and trying to have a conversation… And just, you know, the only response you can get was like a blink of an eye,” cried Shane. “It was probably the worst thing that I’ve ever seen, having to deal with that… Coming from a twin brother, we’ve always been so close and grown up together, it was real hard and tough to see and deal with.”

Sean ended, “It was a very close call. My kids almost didn’t have a dad.”

The men say they will get the vaccine as soon as their doctor says it’s okay to do so, and they’re eternally grateful to the medical staff at Community Regional.

If you would like to help continue the life saving work at Community, click here.

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