The Fresno Rescue Mission Thrift Store and Cars is a thrift store, a car lot, and a vocational training center for our program participants (men and women) and our Next Steps process participants. Support what we do!


Our Mission

The Fresno Rescue Mission endeavors to glorify God by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the least, the last and the lost in our community.

Why should I give items to the Mission if you sell what I donate?

  • Our ongoing goal is to continue to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless and other at-risk individuals.
  • Homeless and at-risk individuals and families will continue to receive free clothing and household goods.
  • Individuals and families who can afford to pay something may purchase items from the thrift store. We know from experience that it lifts people up when they are able to pay for what they need as opposed to accepting a handout.
  • The thrift store is used as a vocational training center, providing job training for men and women in our Next Steps processes and the Mission’s recovery programs.
  • Churches and other organizations can partner with us by donating quality items, helping us build for the future. It also creates volunteer opportunities for people in the community looking for a way to get involved.
  • Proceeds from the thrift store, car sales and recycling center are used to maintain and expand the services of the Fresno Rescue Mission, providing resources necessary to build new facilities for the ever-growing population of homeless and at-risk men, women, children and families.

Fresno Rescue Mission

181 E Sierra Ave
Fresno, CA 93710
(559) 440-0870