FRESNO, California (KGPE) – Staff at Fresno Yosemite International Airport are confident their own sanitation methods will keep the facility clear of COVID-19.

The $6,000 machine installed on-site makes three environmentally friendly solutions for sanitation to be used every day and night around the airport – including bathrooms and waiting rooms.

“We just killed anything that was in here right now in a matter of minutes,” said Airport Sanitation Supervisor Les Logue.

Logue never expected the spread of COVID-19 but he believes their GenEon cleaner will keep the airport novel coronavirus free.

“A couple of weeks ago,” said Logue. “When we started to get the emails, I was like we are good. We got what we need. We have the best thing right here.”

The solution is used via spray bottles and a fog misters in the bathrooms and in the waiting rooms.

This solution is not used on the planes: Logue said the airlines are responsible for aircraft sanitation.

Passenger Loc Tran, who flew from Fresno back to his home in Seattle, is impressed with the airport’s sanitation.

“Everyone is up to date,” said Tran. “Everyone seems to be doing their part.”

However, the airport has seen more than a 50% drop in passengers since last week.