CLOVIS, California. (KSEE) – The 2021 Freedom Fest Independence Day Celebration held at Lamonica Stadium will not be taking place this year. 

Earlier today the Kiwanis Club of Clovis announced the full cancellation of the event. 

Eddie DeLeon the Co-Chair of the Club said they had to make the decision due to the lack of time to plan it. 

“In today’s world with sanitation station and social distancing and by the times we got the information as to what we would be able to do we just kept getting squeezed and squeezed and squeezed so there was just not enough time,” said DeLeon. 

DeLeon said they get their fireworks from overseas and need a minimum of 45 days to let their vendor know. He also mentioned closely following Newsom’s COVID guidelines but couldn’t predict what the 4th of July might look like. 

“We don’t order fireworks we have a vendor order fireworks and it comes from overseas. So, we would have had to do that 45 days in advance get an insurance binder and permits going to the city,” said DeLeon. 

This pandemic has caused major events to be either canceled entirely or downsized with added safety precautions. Recently the city held large events like Big Hat Days and the Clovis Rodeo. 

But Greg Newman the CEO of Clovis Chamber of Commerce said those organizations were planning months in advance. 

“Freedom fest just like big hat days and Clovis fest and the rodeo and all-over great events bring dollars in the community and goes in the community fund and helps strengthen financially our community,” said Newman. 

Newman also said with many events cancelled or downsized it has taken a toll on their finances. All they can do now is wait and hope next year will be better. 

“It is going to take a little time to build back to pre-covid levels, but this is just another little setback,” said Newman.