FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – They are next-door neighbors who became instant friends. 70-year-old Sharon Damm and 32-year-old Ami Ho may be a generation apart in age, but they have more in common than you might think. “We clicked. We’re always talking. We talked over the fence,” says Sharon.

Sharon, Ami and their husbands host dinners, celebrate birthdays, and enjoy each other’s company.
But the two have an even closer bond: Sharon is a 21 year breast cancer survivor, and Ami was just diagnosed.

Ami, who is a nurse, found her cancer in late May after noticing a sharp pain in her armpit. “I started to palpate around my axillary to my breast and I noticed a huge lump,” says Ami.

Her doctor ordered a mammogram. Ami says she struggled to get an appointment. Finally, in mid-July she got one at the hospital where she works; the radiologist delivering the news. “He gave me a heads up. He’s like, ‘since you’re a nurse and you probably know there’s some suspicion’,” Ami said.

The diagnosis was Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, but there was something else that Ami found out: she is pregnant. “I’m 5 weeks right now. So, that would be another fifteen weeks of me waiting instead of starting chemo next week,” she says.

Her doctors say treatment can’t start until her second trimester to protect the baby. In the meantime, Sharon, a 3-time cancer survivor, is offering support any way she can. “I pray so hard that everything is going to work out for Ami. She’s got so much on her plate right now,” says Sharon. Getting by with a little help from a friend, brought together by fate. “I think so, I honestly do. I always say I think god put us on the same path for a reason,” says Sharon.