WASHINGTON D.C. (KSEE) – A couple of valley officials witnessed President Joe Biden sign the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law on Monday.

The Infrastructure package is the largest public transportation investment in USA history.

A large chunk of the bill will get to California. In fact, the Golden State is expected to get around $45 billion in the first five years, which is the most money out of any state in dollar amount.

Biden was surrounded by democrat and republican lawmakers as he put pen to paper to sign the bill outside of the White House.

The bill is expected to create 2 million jobs over the next decade. US Congressman Jim Costa and California State Senator Melissa Hurtado were in attendance as the bill was signed into law.

“This is really the beginning of investing in our people,” said Costa who represents California’s 16th congressional district. “And when you invest in the American people, don’t ever bet against them because America has always been able to meet the challenge of the day when we make those kinds of investments.”

“As the President said today,” said Hurtado. “Making sure that this money gets out into the community so that we see the difference in what the money will make and it is much-needed repairs to our roads, to our bridges, to our water infrastructure and we know here in the Central Valley that we need a lot of that.”

The Infrastructure package will provide California with around:

  • $25 billion for highways like the 99 and 41
  • $9.5 bilion for public transportation including high speed rail
  • $4.2 billion for bridge replacement and replairs
  • $3.5 billion for water infrastructure and clean/safe drinking water
  • $84 million to protect the state against wildfires and other weather-related events

UC Merced Associate Professor of Economics Justin Cooks said while the nation’s infrastructure is outdated and this will help stimulate the economy, it does come with a price.

“It does cost money,” said Cooks. “We have a large national debt. We are tacking on to that. We are borrowing money effectively through treasury bonds to pay for these projects. So, it is just something to be aware of.”

The infrastructure bill also invests money in airports, ports, broadband, and zero-emission transportation.