CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE) – “Drive sober or get pulled over” is the slogan the Clovis Police Department began using for a campaign that started Wednesday.

The goal is to encourage locals to celebrate responsibly – and reduce the number of impaired drivers pulled over and arrested for drunk driving in Clovis. Officers say drunk driving has gotten worse over the last month.

“We had a large uptick in crashes that had happened within the city of Clovis that were due to DUI’s,” said Corporal Richard Ashcraft.

The police department is working to put a stop to it.

“We do have a few details that are planned and we’re going to have more officers out there and they will be paying attention to DUI’s and impaired drivers,” added Cpl. Ashcraft.

Ashcraft says even a few drinks can surpass the legal limit; an average man weighing approximately 180 lbs could be over the legal limit after three drinks. If caught, the consequences of a DUI do not just include the initial arrest.

“Getting arrested their vehicle being impounded and the fees and everything that is encountered with that, the effects it will have on the driver’s license and renewing licenses.” Cpl. Ashcraft said

Instead of driving, there are alternatives: from getting a ride, to ride-sharing, to having a designated driver. Ashcraft says the risk is just not worth it.

“We want them to have a fun holiday, just be responsible about it.” Cpl. Ashcraft said.

Impaired driving does not just include alcohol, but can also include driving under the influence of marijuana or prescription pills.