TOKYO, Japan (KSEE) — As the Summer Olympics are set to begin, many say Tokyo 2020 will forever be associated with COVID-19.

Before athletes, broadcasters and sponsors could even arrive in Japan, they needed to provide two negative COVID-19 tests to enter the country.

Once in Japan, the first place the broadcast team was tested was at the airport, immediately after they got out of the plane.

Reporters are required to download the “OCHA” app on their phones to do a daily health check and answering basic questions regarding their well-being.

People who arrive in Tokyo are required to go into what is known as “soft quarantine” for 14 days. Reporters are allowed to leave their hotel, but if they want to go somewhere that is not their workspace, an Olympic venue or the international broadcast center, they would have to fill out a form.

Once outside, reporters only have 15 minutes to handle their business.

A daily saliva test is required for the first 14 days in Tokyo and masks are required at all times.