FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE)- The month of February is Black History Month and Fresno City College is hosting their event series “Calling on the Excellence of Our Own” to make the month memorable and meaningful.

Doctor Kalisha Spomer with Fresno City College says this year the college has a strong calendar of events for those in the community to enjoy.

“This year is so great. We have such a robust calendar,” said Spomer. “It’s going to celebrate and highlight members of the community, entrepreneurs, mental health professionals, FCC facility, FCC students.”

Due to COVID-19, all events will be held via Zoom unless otherwise noted on the event’s calendar. Spomer says a highlight of this month will include events that highlight mental health in the African American community.

“We know that surrounding mental health, especially in the African American community, there’s a lot of stigma around that and actually reaching out for help,” she said. “We wanted to really highlight that it’s something that we can all embrace and really help our wellness.”

Zoom events will be held almost every day for the month of February to celebrate Black History Month.

More information about these events can be found on the Fresno City College website.