FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Germany-based company Pyreg recently held a symposium at the International Agri-center in Tulare to present the benefits of biochar.

“Biochar is a black solid that is created through the conversion of biomass. That could be green waste, nut shells, that could even be bio-solids such as sewage,” says Robert Kovach, CSO of Pyreg.

According to Kovach, the biowaste is converted into biochar through a process called pyrolysis.

“That’s done in a very low oxygen condition, so you’re not burning the material, you’re carbonizing that material.” Kovach adds, “If a farmer were to take that biochar and look at it under a microscope, he or she might see a sponge… that has 300 square meters per gram of surface area to collect nutrients—to hold water.”

Kovach says biochar can be used in regenerative agriculture and placed back into the soil where it serves as a soil conditioner and amplifier.

He says the process helps with sustainability and improves soil and plant health, creating a more productive and higher quality crop.