(KRON) — If the frustration with the high cost of eggs has got you scrambling for a way to crack the code of market-driven dependency for produce, there could be an eggcellent solution for you.

Eric Strother’s with Rent Backyard Hens in Sebastapol said laying chicken eggs is an option for many. “You need a backyard that has a fence around it where the chickens won’t be able to escape. If you have an aggressive dog that you think might eat chickens, that’s probably not a good fit,” said Strother.

In order to have chickens, you also need to live in a county that allows backyard chickens which all nine Bay Area counties do, according to Strother. “As long as you check those boxes, you’re good to go,” said Strother.

The handmade chicken coop, the feeder, the feed and the hens will be delivered to you. Rental durations vary starting at four weeks rental for $375.

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“It’s still going to be cheaper to buy eggs in the store. What I’d really like to see is that people are starting to think ‘I can become a little more self-sufficient here. If I can look at my backyard a little differently. If I can picture having a chicken coop back there, if I can start raising my own eggs, raising my own chickens, then I don’t have to be so dependent on what’s going on in the grocery store’,” said Strother.