NAPA, Calif. (KRON) – Napa and Sonoma Counties are seeing a growing number of Mexican-American-owned wineries.  Many of the growers and owners are members of the Mexican American Vinters Association (MAVA) which were formed in 2010.

KRON 4 reporter Taylor Bisacky talked with some of the winery owners, who say many of the MAVA members have similar stories and backgrounds.

“Most of our parents were farm workers, came here as farm workers to the United States so we share that common thread and we’ve all grown up working in the vineyards and working for other proprietors in the fields,” said Alejando Castillo Llamas, owner of Llmas family wines.

Founder of Napa County’s Ceja Vineyards, Amelia Moran Ceja, says Mexican Americans are part of the fabric of wine country and continue to power the industry. “Without the Mexican labor force, there would not be a wine industry nor food on our table,” said Ceja.

MAVA hosts a large annual wine harvest festival in Napa County in August.