FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Egg Prices have reached an all-time high and it is taking a toll on small businesses.

Prices have nearly doubled in the past year. Consumers are also seeing an egg shortage making it more difficult for small businesses like bakeries to buy in bulk.

Now some business owners are debating whether to increase their own prices, but they are concerned about the impact it will have on sales.

“I’ve kept my prices as low as I have for as long as I can. And if the eggs continue to increase in price, we will eventually have to raise the prices to make sure that we can make a living. Although, I don’t know if the community will bear it,” said Texas bakery owner Roberta Castillo.

Castillo says she’s now conserving eggs as much as she can. That includes pairing with other local businesses to share yolks and egg whites.