FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) — Fresno State student Joanie Snow thought of a new way to enjoy dessert. Make it with cottage cheese.

“You have to create a dairy product that has to be 50% dairy 10% has to come from a dairy source”. 

Cottage Cheese Ice Cream which Snow came up was part of a larger development project. snow is taking part in a competition to produce a dairy-based project that has a calming property to it.

Snow says the substance she used in her project is similar to melatonin gummies.

“ If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed or looking for something to relax you enough to get your night routine going…that’s what it would be,” Snow said.

Where in the world did they get the idea for cottage cheese ice cream?

Russia. They have an ice cream bar or some sort of snack that is chocolate coated that features cork which is farmer’s cheese, which is very similar to cottage cheese.” Snow recalled.

Snow is a food science major. She hopes to find out how she fairs in the competition later this year.