Ride of the Week: 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo Super Sport

Ride of the Week

“They can’t put you in jail for selling cars.”

MASE ROTW 7-14-19

This weeks Ride of the Week is Mase Marquez’s
1986 Chevy Monte Carlo Super Sport.
He’s had it for two years and is ready to move on.
“Once I’m done I like to post them for outrageous prices. Usually someone comes to get it for that price so I let it go.”
Mase has a potential buyer coming up to look at the car. He’s asking $20 thousand. So you can see why he doesn’t get too sentimentally attached to his cars.
“If the money’s there, you only live once. Something could happen to the car next week.”
Mase got into some trouble when he was younger. He used
building cars as a way to keep on the straight and narrow.
“They can’t put you in jail for building cars,” he says.
“I love building cars that look like nothing anybody’s done before. Whether its the color or interior. That way it stands out and people want to buy it.”
Mase has been coming for the downtown cruising since it began. He likes how it’s going so far.
“Every weekend has been growing a lot.Hot dogs, snow cones…It’s drama free. I think it’s a beautiful thing for Downtown Fresno.”

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