LOS ANGELES (KSEE/KGPE) — Hollywood legend Michael Caine said he has made his final film.

In an interview on BBC broadcast “Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review,” the 88-year-old actor said his latest film Best Sellers would be his last.

“Funnily enough it has turned out to be my last part really,” Caine said. “I have a spine problem which affects my legs so I can’t walk very well.”

Caine proclaimed that he no longer considers himself an actor, but instead will take on writing as a craft, citing the differences in the profession’s schedule as at least partly the reason.

“As an actor, you have to get up at half-past six in the morning and go to the studio,” the Dark Knight actor said. “As a writer, you start writing without leaving the bed.”

Best Sellers, starring Caine and Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, is a comedy about the heir of a book publisher (Plaza) who finds that her company is owed a book written by Harris Shaw, (Caine) the writer who originally made her father’s publishing company notable years earlier.

The icon, best known for his roles in The Italian Job and The Man Who Would Be King, more recently has teamed with director Christopher Nolan. He played the role of Alfred Pennyworth in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and paired with Nolan again later in The Prestige, Interstellar, Inception and most recently Tenet.

Caine, for his part, said roles for octogenarians in Hollywood are becoming few and far between.

“I’m 88, there’s not exactly scripts pouring out where the leading man is 88,” Caine said.