Tuesday’s primary election will determine which two candidates for California State Assembly District 27 will face off in November’s general election.

The two Democrats and the two Republicans vying to represent the district include Republican Amanda Fleming, Democrat Mike Karbassi, Republican Mark Pazin, and Democrat Esmeralda Soria.

District 27 candidate and Firebaugh-native Amanda Fleming is a Republican who has not held public office.

Fleming works in the ag industry and said she decided to run for the seat after police were called when she did not wear a mask in a DMV office. Fleming’s biggest priority is residents’ rights.

“I want to bring freedom back to California,” said Fleming. “I want to reinstate constitutional rights and I want to fight for our Latino community and I want to fight for our farmers and I want to fight for our California.”

Democrat Candidate Mike Karbassi has served on the Fresno City Council for three years and will continue to serve on the council if unsuccessful in the race for District 27.

“I want to make sure you are protected,” said Karbassi. “I want to make sure to go to Sacramento and make sure that Sacramento comes home to take care of the Valley.”

Karbassi has gained the endorsements of Merced Sheriff Vernon Warnke, State Senator Melissa Hurtado, the California Police Officers Association, and the Fresno Police Officers Association.

Republican candidate Mark Pazin served three terms as Sheriff in Merced County from which over half of registered District 27 voters reside, according to state data. Pazin has also worked for the California Office of Emergency Services.

“The bottom line here is we just have to stop some of the nonsense in Sacramento,” said Pazin. “You know — this defund the police, no comprehensive strategy for more water storage.”

Pazin said he prioritizes public safety funding, water storage, the homeless crisis, and reducing state taxes.

Esmeralda Soria says she’s a Democrat who will prioritize affordable housing and accessible water for all. Soria has raised the most campaign funds with over $400,000 and earned the most endorsements, including the California Democratic Party.

“We need to make sure that in Sacramento we have someone that understands intimately the issues,” Soria says. “But also knows the inner workings and from day one can hit the ground running.”

In 2020, Soria unsuccessfully challenged Jim Costa for the 16th congressional district seat.