FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – An online database of extra-terrestrial sightings includes multiple close encounters in Fresno.

The numbers come from the National UFO Reporting Center, an online database of sightings submitted by those who saw the UFOs in the skies. The center was founded in 1974 and exists to receive, record and potentially corroborate reports about potential UFO sightings. Those behind the project say the website has been operating since 1994.

The most recent incident detailed in Fresno took place on Jan. 30. According to the post online, the sighting was described as approximately eight red lights in the sky that remained active long enough for the author to show their niece the lights over video-chat. The shape of the lights was described as a “disorganized triangle.”

The next incident recorded in Fresno took place on March 6, 2021, and describes aircraft in the area when a brown cigar-like object was hovering that began moving north – paused and hovered – then moved again.

The third most recent reported incident was on Aug. 5, when what was described as a pink and green object in the shape of a star was changing shape and colors. It also traveled without a sound.

Out of all the records posted on the National UFO Reporting Center, Fresno ranks at number 12 in California for UFO sightings over the past two years – with 10 reported sightings. Bakersfield ranks eighth in the state with 11 reported sightings. Modesto is at number five with 12 reported sightings.

But at joint first place, the top of the list is Los Angeles and San Diego, with 31 UFO sightings each.