FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Victor E. Bulldog III has attended his last football game as the official Fresno State mascot. After seven years of bringing joy and cheer to Fresno State and the community, Friday was his last official appearance at a football game before he passes the collar on to his successor.

On Tuesday, Fresno State will introduce its newest live mascot, Victor E. Bulldog IV, a five-month-old English Bulldog puppy. He was born on June 22, in a litter of four puppies, and is the great-nephew of Victor E. Bulldog III.

According to the Fresno State Alumni Association, Victor E. Bulldog III and Victor E. Bulldog IV will be working together into spring 2023, where a “changing of the collar” ceremony will officially induct Victor E. Bulldog IV as the new acting mascot.

After retiring, Victor E. Bulldog III will continue to be cared for by the Fresno State Alumni Association, via the Live Mascot Program, which is completely funded by donations.

The Fresno Morning Republican started referring to the college as “The Bulldogs” in November 1921 after Student Body President Warren Moody adopted a tough-looking Bulldog that showed up on campus every day, hoping to share lunch with students.

The first official university mascot arrived from Alameda in 1935. He was an all-white English bulldog named Touchdown.

As for the legacy of “Victor E”, it started with a contest in 2006 when Fresno State was looking to invigorate its Mascot Program. Out of 90 contestants, a bulldog named Norman became the first Victor E. Bulldog.

Anyone interested in supporting Victor E. Bulldog can do so via the Fresno State Alumni website.