FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The City of Fresno released an update Friday on what led to the forced closure of the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Fresno, revealing violations including a fire alarm panel that was not functioning and open gas lines.

On Thursday, December 29, the Fresno City Manager initiated a full safety assessment of the hotel. According to the city, officials have been working with the hotel owners to bring the outdated fire alarm system up to current safety standards. As a temporary measure, the hotel owners were allowed a 24/7 Fire Watch to remain open while the necessary safety repairs were being done.

Officials with the City of Fresno say they can no longer allow a temporary measure to take place of permanent repairs to the fire alarm system. After a thorough safety assessment from city building officials, code enforcement officers, and fire inspectors, it has been determined that the hotel is no longer able to operate in a manner that provides its guests with a safe environment.

A notice determining the location unsafe to occupy until repairs are done was posted by the City of Fresno – along with a Notice and Order describing the deficiencies.

A list of the violations was provided by the City of Fresno:

  • Compromised fire-resistive construction throughout the building.
  • Compromised fire-rated walls and doors throughout the building.
  • Compromised emergency exit lighting throughout the building.
  • Open gas lines in numerous locations.
  • Fire alarm panel not functioning.
  • Emergency generator not operable.
  • Other outstanding code violations.

City officials add that they look forward to having the issues resolved.